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25th Anniversary of PalletBiz
We want to say THANK YOU to our partners, our valued customers and communities, our suppliers and our teams for the continuous trust in our work and vision. Thank you for being a part of our story!
Special Boxes
Special wooden boxes are a combination of all types of boxes and are made according to customer specifications. Everything can be mounted to special boxes, starting from inserts, smaller devices, hinges, etc.
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Heat Treatment
Heat treatment is one of the services we provide to our customers. It is a process, which involves the use of heating to extreme temperatures, to achieve the desired result of hardening the material. Heat treating allows then the manipulating properties such as the hardness, strength, toughness, ductility, and elasticity.
New or used packaging
PalletBiz provides customized solutions for the vast industry - may your needs focus on pallets, wooden or metal packaging, we have got you covered!
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PalletBiz uses wood from responsible sources
We advocate the urgency to become an active contributor to sustainability.
Making a difference
Our success is a direct result of the efforts by our hard working people, and we are a proud active contributor in the local communities.
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An award-winning strategic approach to corporate sustainability
PalletBiz was awarded a prize for an outstanding study depicting our sustainability agenda and solutions at the IFUA Green Controlling Award
PalletBiz is a network of wood and metal packaging production units and distribution depots for packaging and handling materials. In addition to the produced wooden and metal products, PalletBiz also offers a range of services for our clients, including Pallet Repairing and Pooling of pallets to mention a few. The broad coverage of the network and the central point of purchase makes the PalletBiz network unique to its competition.


The concept underlining the PalletBiz Business System is the establishment of an international network.

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Our ambition is to protect the environment and ensure sustainable operations and growth.

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We believe in a very simple set of core values that guide our approach to doing business across countries.

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Our value proposition

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Maximize Your Storage Efficiency with PalletBiz’ Folded Gitterboxes

In today’s competitive market, businesses encounter challenges in organizing their space effectively to ensure stable growth. That’s why PalletBiz offers a range of high-quality and economical solutions, including folded containers. What is folded Gitterbox? Also known as a wire mesh pallet box, it is welded by strong steel wire, which is reinforced at the bottom…

PalletBiz obtained Dun & Bradstreet’s AA Certificate as the company with the steadiest financial standing

We are thrilled to announce that Dun & Bradstreet, the international provider of business information and company ratings classified the financial stability and business reliability of PalletBiz as one of the enterprises with the steadiest financial standing. It is a great honor for our company to be listed at the highest ranks on the basis of Dun &…