A consultative approach to packaging
Let our experts guide you in analysing what portfolio of packaging and handling is optimal for your company

Packaging consulting

Clients of PalletBiz always benefit from day-today consultation and advice as part of our account management relationship.

However, besides this PalletBiz also offers focused packaging consulting services to potential and existing clients, including optimizing pallet and handling spend within the framework of packaging portfolio analysis and management, in line with client key objectives and PalletBiz principles for “Green Growth“.

Key objectives differ depending on the specific client case, but it usually includes proposals for re-design or replacement of certain pallets and packaging products, as well as identification of potential savings across the supply chain.

Our consulting practice has more than 20 years experience, delivering a guaranteed ROI for our clients within the area of packaging and handling materials.

Question: What holds you back? Start saving on your packaging by letting us optimize your packaging portfolio and supply chain!

Most companies spend an average of 3%+ of their revenue on packaging material costs. PalletBiz can usually reduce costs by 8-10% by optimizing your total spend on packaging & handling materials.

PalletBiz is working professionally and has extensive knowledge within the wood packaging area. Our cooperation with PalletBiz has resulted in an optimization of cembrit’s wood packaging solutions.

– Karsten de Rosche Bierholm
(Group Director, Sourcing – Cembrit)

Key benefits of PalletBiz consultancy

  • No – cure – no – pay

We never charge for consulting fees until a proof of concept has been established.

  • We practice what we preach

Any study or implementation project will be set up in a professional manner.

  • Proper project management

We will never give you advice that we cannot deliver, nor ensure implemented.